Marbella Film Office

Marbella Film Office (asociada a la Red de Ciudades de Cine de Andalucía Film Commission) es un área de trabajo de la Delegación de Turismo del Excmo. Ayuntamiento de Marbella, cuyo objetivo es prestar, gratuitamente, servicios de información, intermediación, tramitación de permisos, búsqueda de localizaciones y asesoramiento en general, para así agilizar y facilitar el trabajo a todas aquellas productoras de cine y televisión que deseen grabar en nuestra localidad.

Marbella Film Office tiene, entre otros, los siguientes cometidos:


Marbella Film Office is a municipal office, (it belongs to Marbella City Council Department for Tourism), that offers information, advice and free permit processing to all professionals from the audiovisual industry who wish to film in Marbella. We offer a wide variety of services designed to save producers time, money and efforts. Is part of the Andalucia Film Commission Network.

The services offered by Marbella Film Office, completely free of charge, are:

Servicios de marbella Film Offices / Marbella Film Office Services

Gestión de todos los permisos necesarios para los rodajes en la vía pública en el plazo mínimo de 15 días laborables.

Gestión de los permisos para rodar en los edificios públicos y los monumentos municipales.

Coordinación de todos los servicios municipales, como aparcamiento del equipo técnico, control del tráfico, cambios de mobiliario urbano, iluminación, etc.

Asistencia en la búsqueda de localizaciones de rodaje.

Asistencia en la logística de producción.

Asesoramiento sobre la infraestructura turística de Marbella.

The services offered by Marbella Film Office, completely free of charge, are:

Processing of all the necessary film permits for public areas within a timeframe of 10 business days. If a traffic interruption is required, and depending on the complexity of the production, the time must be extended us much us possible.

Processing of film permits for public buildings and city monuments.
Coordination of all municipal services such us parking for technical vehicles, traffic interruption or diversion, lighting….etc.

Assistance in searching locations and in production logistics, as we have specific knowledge of the area.
Marbella Film Office offers information on infrastructures, hotels, restaurants, vehicle rentals, villas or private properties rentals, film services companies…..etc., so production companies can arrange their reservations. We have updated information abut the companies and services in Marbella

Marbella Film Office is not a service company but a consultancy service.

Ventajas de rodar en Marbella / Advantages to filming here

  • 320 Days of sun a year.
  • Maximum natural daylight.
  • Local businesses for equipment rentals and assistance: Camera, Grip, Lighting, Props, Wardrobe, etc.
  • Local multicultural casting of over 100 different nationalities.
  • International Airport: destination to more than 200 national & international airlines (including low cost airlines).
  • Wide variety of locations.


Delegación de Turismo
Excmo. Ayuntamiento de Marbella
Glorieta de la Fontanilla s/n.
29.602 Marbella (Málaga) SPAIN

Phone: +34 952 76 87 60

Fax: +34 952 77 94 57

Mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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