Where and how can I apply for the NIE?

You can apply for the NIE once you are in Spain or in your country of origin through the corresponding Spanish consulate.

In Spain

If you decide to apply for the NIE in Spain, you should do so at the police station nearest to your home.

You will need to complete the EX-15 form, which can be collected at the aliens office or downloaded.

The aforementioned EX-15 form requires the following information:

- Passport number.
- Personal details (first name, surname(s), place of birth, etc.).
- Address in Spain, where applicable, or address in your country.
- Address for notification purposes.
- The reason why the document is being applied for: economic, professional or social. In addition, exact details must be given of why the NIE is necessary, identifying the Administration, entity or individual that requires it, providing the corresponding documentary proof.

The original and one copy of the following documentation must be provided with the form:

- Passport, national ID document in force in your country.
- Documentation certifying the need for obtaining the NIE (administrative form, bank form, etc.).
- In the case of relatives of a European Union citizen, whose nationality is that of a non-Member State of the EU or the European Economic Space, the Community residency card must be applied at first.

The application can be made in Spain through a representative, who must certify his/her power of representation by means of a general or special power formalised before a notary public, and the documentation showing the reason why the application is being made for the NIE must also be presented. The person must also include his/her details on the application (EX-15 form) and sign it. In any case, it is best to present the application personally, even though you are accompanied by your adviser, since this avoids expense and possible identification problems.

Both the application or form and the certificate bearing the identification number are free of charge as far as the Administration is concerned.

Once the NIE application has been made, the certificate will be delivered to the interested party in person in the approximate term of two weeks.

In your country of origin

If you decide to apply for the NIE from outside Spain, you must personally visit the corresponding Spanish consulate or embassy in your country of residence.

You must also present the EX-15 form, which must be signed in the presence of the Spanish officers. The form is not available at the embassy or consulate and must be downloaded from the aforementioned webpage.

You must also provide your current passport. The officers will make a copy of the passport and legalise it and you will have to pay the fee corresponding to the legalisation.

In principle, as citizens of the European Union, you do not have to present the documents that justify the NIE application, although it is recommendable for them to be included.

All the above must be presented in an envelope addressed to:

Comisaría General de Extranjería y Documentación
Dirección General de la Policía
Calle General Pardiñas 90
28006 Madrid

The embassy or consulate will not issue the NIE, they will simply process your application to the Dirección General d la Policía (General Department of Police) in Spain. Consequently, they will not be able to provide you with any information about the status of your application. If you have any query, you must address the Comisaría General de Extranjería y Documentación (General Department of Aliens and Documentation).

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